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PTAC & Soundproof Glass Restoration Decreasing Noise by Over 30 Decibels

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Window Retrofit
PTAC Soundproofing


San Francisco, CA

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Installed soundproof glass on 85 guestrooms to enhance interior comfort levels by reducing outside noise. Prior to installation noise levels were an average of 80 decibels (due to street noise and the famous SF trolley cars). After the installation of the triple glazed IGU soundproof glass system at the Beach Building, the sound level drops down to 30 decibels. The new system was custom designed to fit into existing window openings while blending with interior aesthetics.

The hotel guest room PTAC unit allows excess water to drain to an interior pan with weep holes; the weep hole system is flush [perhaps slightly extended] with the exterior framework of the PTAC cabinet. As a result, water drains into the brickwork.

In both cases, water migrates to the interior of the guestroom along the exterior wall line. Landmark installed a drain kit designed for the PTAC units; in addition, Landmark recommends that the drain kit include an extension that will move water away from the framework and exterior wall line.

We also repaired the missing joints exist; re-caulking of the PTAC cabinet and the base joint where the PTAC cabinet meets the ground floor along the front elevation at the pool and courtyard.


PTAC Water Damage and Repairs


Triple Glazed IGU Soundproof Glass System Blended with Aesthetic