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Embassy Suites Phoenix Biltmore (Phoenix, AZ)

Skylight Retrofit: Landmark recently retrofitted 16 skylight pods at the Embassy Suites Phoenix Biltmore.  The existing ¼” clear plexiglass lenses and aluminum frames were replaced, the existing curb and roof flashing system remained in place.  New 1″ six-wall polycarbonate lenses and framing system were installed, significantly reducing the solar heat-gain into the atrium of the building.  The opal lenses also diffuse the sunlight, preventing direct sunlight from reaching areas in the atrium and restaurant.


The Works (Atlanta, GA)




Embassy Suites, Dallas Fort Worth – Exterior Painting

The Trolley Barn on Edgewood Avenue ( Atlanta, Georgia ) in 1984

Building Restoration: Today, the The Trolley Barn on Edgewood Avenue is a beautiful example of historic preservation in the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta. However, this building wasn’t always in such great shape. This album contains before, during, and after photos showing the restoration of the Edgewood Trolley Barn. Landmark Restorations fully restored the building in 1984.


 Morgans Hotel at Madison Avenue ( New York, New York )

Window Retrofit: Work included retrofitting existing window openings with energy efficient, soundproof glass to enhance interior comfort levels by reducing outside noise. After installation, noise levels were reduced from an average of 85 decibels (due to street noise) to 30 decibels. The new system was custom designed to fit into existing window openings while blending with interior aesthetics.

  • Modified existing window openings to receive soundproof glass using anodized aluminum extrusions to match existing window frames.
  • Installed composite heat-treated, soundproofing glass unit into existing opening.
  • Installed a ¼” laminated magnetized unit at face of interior window opening. .

Learn more about the Morgans Hotel project in our Case Study»


84 Walton Street & 75 Marietta Street ( Atlanta, Georgia )

Window Restoration and Exterior Renovation: This project focused on restoring the façade of 3 buildings dating from 1906 in downtown Atlanta. The scope of work included masonry repairs/repointing, terra cotta refinishing, wood & metal windows repairs/refinishing, installation of energy-efficient glass in historic steel frames, and the installation custom interior barrier windows. This project has received historic tax credits for the work being executed according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. Additionally, upgrades to the windows allowed the project to receive an energy grant by increasing the energy efficiency of the building envelope.


Marriott San Francisco Union Square ( San Francisco, California )

Exterior Renovation: Our recent project at the heart of San Francisco was an exterior repairs at Marriott Union Square. The exterior renovation included cleaning the exterior building; re-coating the building’s paint; repairing the aggregate panels. All work was done on all four elevations.


Hilton Suites Hotel on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile ( Chicago, Illinois )

Exterior Renovation: One of our recent projects was for Hilton Suites Hotel on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. The exterior renovation included repairing the spalled concrete; removing & replacing all sealants; and applying new elastomeric coating system (painted the building).

Holiday Inn Civic Center ( San Francisco, California )

Door Retrofit

Holiday Inn Fisherman’s Wharf ( San Francisco, California )

Window Retrofit: At Holiday Inn San Francisco – Fisherman’s Wharf, we installed soundproof glass on 85 guestrooms to enhance interior comfort levels by reducing outside noise. Prior to installation noise levels were an average of 80 decibels (due to street noise and the famous SF trolley cars). After the installation of the triple glazed IGU soundproof glass system at the Beach Building, the sound level drops down to 30 decibels. The new system was custom designed to fit into existing window openings while blending with interior aesthetics.


PTAC Soundproofing: The hotel guest room PTAC unite allows excess water to drain to an interior pan with weep holes; the weep hole system is flush [perhaps slightly extended] with the exterior framework of the PTAC cabinet. As a result, water drains into the brickwork. In both cases, water migrates to the interior of the guestroom along the exterior wall line. Landmark installed a drain kit designed for the PTAC units; in addition, Landmark recommends that the drain kit include an extension that will move water away from the framework and exterior wall line. Landmark also repaired the missing joints exist; re-caulking  of the PTAC cabinet and the base joint where the PTAC cabinet meets the ground floor along the front elevation at the pool and courtyard.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Fort Lauderdale 17th Street ( Fort Lauderdale, Florida )

Copula Reconstruction after Hurricane Damage: Work included replacing rusted metal frame and wire lathe for plaster work.  Plaster repairs were tooled to match existing architectural profiles.  New dome structure was custom built and lifted into place via crane.  Once fastened to new frame, mosaic tiles where installed on the dome.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Boston North Shore ( Boston, Massachusetts )

Exterior Renovation: Work consisted of waterproofing brick veneer using a cemetitious grout coating followed by an elastomeric paint coating.  A portion of the brick veneer was mechanically fastened to interior framing using 2500 Helifix anchors.  In order to block wind-driven rain, custom-made louvers were fabricated and installed to the p-tac grills, extending the louver 2″.  All caul-joints were re-caulked, including wet-seals, control joints, and window perimeter caulk joints.  The anodized aluminum window walls were field refinished.  In addition, 16 skylights where replaced above the swimming pool and 27 window wall lites were installed in the poolroom.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Los Angeles International Airport ( El Segundo, California )

Exterior Renovation: Work included repairing cracked and spalled concrete; Removing exterior shutter system at window perimeters; Removing and replacing all sealants; applying new elastomeric coating system.