Morgans Hotel

Landmark Restorations designed a retrofit window system that included high-performance glass with sound control energy-efficient qualities for the Morgans Hotel in New York City. The report below explains the process and results of the project.


The Morgans Hotel is an 18-story building located in Midtown Manhattan. The exterior of the building consists of brick veneer, double-hung windows, and vents for the air condition units.

Interior Conditions

Street noise entered the guest rooms through the existing windows (1/4” thick glass) and through openings at the perimeter of the vent for the air conditioning unit (ptac). Air infiltration also occurred in the ptac cabinet and at the meeting rails of the windows, contributing to heat gain/loss.


  • Reduce level of street noise entering the guest rooms.
  • Increase the energy efficiency of the building envelope.

Scope of Work

Leaving the existing window system in place, Landmark Restorations designed a secondary window system that fit behind the existing interior window. The new system incorporated sound control glass with an energy-efficient low-e coating. The secondary system did not change the appearance of the building from the street. At the interior the windows have a simple modern aesthetic complementing the guest room décor.

Sound control insulation was added to the cabinet beneath the windows that houses the air condition unit (ptac) to limit sound and air infiltration.

The project was executed in two phases. Phase I consisted of adding sound control insulation to the ptac cabinet and building out the sill of the existing window pocket in order to receive the new window system.

Phase II involved installing low-e and sound control glass.

Phase I

PTAC Before

PTAC After

  1. Sound control insulation was added between existing window frame and rough opening.
  2. Framing was added to build out existing sill to accommodate new glass. “L” channel was added to support the lid of the ptac cabinet.



  1. Anodized bronze aluminum flat bar added to the built out existing window pocket sill.
  2. Ptac lid replaced and modified to allow easier access to ptac unit.


Phase II

Morgan Hotel Protective Covering
Protective covering installed prior to work commencing.
Morgan Hotel Preparation Work
Existing window pocket being prepared to receive new glass.
Morgan Hotel Composit Unit
Composite Unit prior to installation.
Morgan Hotel Setting Composit Unit
Composite unit being set into window pocket.
Morgan Hotel Sound Control Glass
Final laminated sound control glass being positioned for installation.
Morgan Hotel Window Pocket Before
Window pocket with built-out sill ready to receive new glass.
Morgan Hotel Window Pocket After
1. Composite unit added to existing window pocket.
2. Final interior ¼” laminated sound control glass with anodized dark bronze frame.
Morgan Hotel Retrofit
Retrofit completed.
Morgan Hotel Retrofit Exterior
View from outside.

Results after Installation

Sound Level
High 85+ dB
Sustained 65dB

High 38dB
Sustained 30dB

Sound levels inside guest rooms dropped 35dB on average after retrofit installation.

Interior air temperature on a 16-degree day with heat off for 2 hours.

Guest room temperature: 72 degrees

Window Frame temperature on a 16-degree day.
Before: 33 degrees
After: 68 degrees

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