Landmark Restorations, LTD.

Landmark Restorations, Ltd. is a national company specializing in building façade maintenance, repair, reconstruction and inspection for commercial structures.  Founded in 1981, Landmark Restorations has built a solid reputation making them a choice among nationwide building owners and managers. Turning an existing building envelope into an efficient structure is a good way of conserving resources and protecting the environment.  The adaptive reuse of old buildings provides an alternative to costly demolition and construction.  Landmark Restorations has the capability of retrofitting exterior façades with work that could range from minor repairs to application of a second “skin,” new windows and doors with soundproofing with high performance glass and sun shade control.  They pioneered the capability of using the existing frame or sash with triple pane glass  to reduce solar heat load and noise levels.  

Landmark Restorations understands that facades can be unique.  As a result, they can assist owners and managers in developing unique solutions to their envelope restoration needs. Water damage can lead to many serious problems which can undermine the integrity asset.  It can make conditions in the building unsafe and damage property within. Wood-framed buildings can experience rapid decay but water penetration can also damage concrete and other building materials.  Having started as a traditional waterproofing company more than 36 years ago, Landmark utilize their own personnel to perform minor repairs as well as full scale repair from re-caulking to weatherproofing the exterior envelope. As waterproofing experts, they repair and maintenance of a variety of materials including stucco, masonry, stone, brick, terra coat and concrete. Their specialty extends to waterproofing underground walls or above ground parking garages. Landmark can also assist clients with various new and advanced paint coating systems that can help protect and improve of the façade. Landmark Restorations provides a thorough due diligence assessment of existing conditions and finds the most cost-effective means to ensure sustainable façade reconstruction.  We take time to understand the root cause of the problem and provide our clients with information by which to determine their long term durable solutions.  

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