Our Story

Landmark Restorations city view

Our Story

Landmark is a national commercial exterior façade repair, restoration, and renovation company, located in Atlanta Georgia.  

Established in 1981, Landmark started as a traditional waterproofing company but its expertise has grown to include all aspects of the building enclosure, whether it is a low-rise, or high-rise office building, an industrial warehouse, or hotel.  

We understand that the aesthetics of your building is crucial in providing that positive first impression to office tenants or hotel guests.  We have the expertise to assist you in repairing or restoring your building’s unique architectural elements.  

The facade is only part of the building enclosure.  The interface of roofing and other building systems is extremely critical to the overall performance, efficiency, and longevity of any structure.  

The building enclosures must be weather and water tight, it must control lighting, both natural and interior, minimize heat and/or cooling losses in varying weather conditions, as well as provide natural and conditioned ventilation. Noise transference from the outside or between floors or between rooms, is an increasing concern in many buildings, especially in hotels in urbanized localities.  

Our Mission

We believe that technological advancements and the availability of new products and materials allow us to strive for sustainability and renewable energy in all the work we do.  We will always consider environmentally friendly solutions whenever it makes sense.  

Our Commitment

We are committed to our employees. At Landmark, we do not subcontract our work. We ensure that the health and safety of our employees are always a top priority.  

We are committed to our customers and stakeholders. We strive for efficiency and transparency in all the work we do. We believe in fostering good working relationships with our customers and assist them in making informed investment decisions on the continued viability of their assets.