The Tower on Piedmont

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  • Project Type

    Exterior Waterproofing

  • Location

    Atlanta, GA

Completed: 2024

The Tower on Piedmont was an exterior waterproofing project using all Dow sealants and coatings. Cracks in the stucco were repaired and Dow AllGuard was applied to the previously uncoated stucco finish. All control joints and select window wall joints were sealed with Dow 795. In addition to the walls, a new pedestrian coating system by MasterSeal was applied to the balcony decks. After the coating work was completed, Landmark cleaned all of the glass. The design of this building created unique challenges accessing the work. The balcony stacks protrude 8 ft from the wall. Work had to be done on the face of the balcony slabs and exterior railing. To gain access to these areas, 10” I-beams were used that were able to cantilever far enough to allow an aerial scaffold to pass in front of the balconies. Also, the roof the rigging had to span a rooftop swimming pool, which was done by splicing beams up to 50’ in total length.

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