The Trolley Barn

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  • Project Type

    Barn Restoration, Historic Restoration

  • Location

    Atlanta, GA

Built in 1880 with a keen awareness of its surroundings. The Trolley Barn housed the offices of the streetcar company and the maintenance depot for the first electric streetcar system in the U.S.

Unfortunately by the early 1970s, The Barn became completed neglected; so much so that the City of Atlanta had officially declared it to be condemned.

Years later, funds were raised to renovate and preserve the Barn to its original form. Through its fund-raising efforts, along with assistants from Landmark Restoration the Barn’s restoration was officially completed in 1987.

After being fully restored this not-so-typical barn restoration has led to becoming one of the most preferred venues for weddings and other special events.

Till this day, The Trolley Barn restoration and preservation is a beautiful example of a historic barn restoration and more importantly barn preservation.

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